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Cosimo was succeeded by his son Piero, who was, soon after, succeeded by Cosimo's grandson, Lorenzo in 1469. The first line began operation on 14 February 2010 and connects Florence's primary intercity railway station (Santa Maria Novella) with the southwestern suburb of Scandicci. In the archaeological museum includes documents of Etruscan civilisation. During this period, the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola had become prior of the San Marco monastery in 1490. Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio. Minute . Florence was selected to host the 2013 UCI World Road Cycling Championships. Florence also contains various parks and gardens. Read about music throughout history Read. The Golden Age of Florentine art began around this time. Florentine bankers financed Henry the Navigator and the Portuguese explorers who pioneered the route around Africa to India and the Far East. [93] The Republic of Florence also appears as a playable nation in Paradox Interactive's grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV. All of this is written in a series of 100 distinct novellas.[89]. A History of Western Music. *Original source lyrics (as zaphodb corrected) should read "Caché au fond des jardins" meaning "Hidden deep within the gardens". Roman Empire 27 BC–AD 285 In 2019, over 50,000 students were enrolled at the university. We have reviews of the best places to see in Florence. [90], Opera was invented in Florence in the late 16th century when Jacobo Peri's Dafne an opera in the style of monody, was premiered. There are several other notable places, including the Palazzo Rucellai, designed by Leon Battista Alberti between 1446 and 1451 and executed, at least in part, by Bernardo Rossellino; the Palazzo Davanzati, which houses the museum of the Old Florentine House; the Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali, designed in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1871; the Palazzo Spini Feroni, in Piazza Santa Trinita, a historic 13th-century private palace, owned since the 1920s by shoe-designer Salvatore Ferragamo; as well as various others, including the Palazzo Borghese, the Palazzo di Bianca Cappello, the Palazzo Antinori, and the Royal building of Santa Maria Novella.[39]. In the 15th century, Florence was among the largest cities in Europe with a population of 60,000 and was considered rich and economically successful. There are two other important stations: Campo di Marte and Rifredi. Carolingian Empire 774–797 This compares with the Italian average of 18.06 percent (minors) and 19.94 percent (pensioners). At the beginning of the 17th century, two practices for writing music were devised, one the first practice or Stile Antico/Prima Prattica the other the Stile Moderno/Seconda Prattica. [10], In the fourth quarter of 2015, manufacturing increased by 2.4% and exports increased by 7.2%. Palazzo Medici Riccardi, designed by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo for Cosimo il Vecchio, of the Medici family, is another major edifice, and was built between 1445 and 1460. ARRIVING IN FLORENCE . And we agree: don't try to cram in everything into a few days, but pick and choose and you'll enjoy much better what you do see and do.. To better decide what to see, here are some suggestions as to the top sights that you should from. The Bourbon-Parma were deposed in December 1807 when Tuscany was annexed by France. While he values the benefits of tourism, he claims that there has been "an increase among those who sit down on church steps, eat their food and leave rubbish strewn on them," he explained. .Hanning, Barbara Russano, J. Peter Burkholder, Donald Jay Grout, and Claude V. Palisca. Trenitalia runs trains between the railway stations within the city, and to other destinations around Italy and Europe. The cathedral is Santa Maria del Fiore. CHOOSE THE MEANS OF TRANSPORT Car Taxi Bus N.C.C. These tickets may be used on ATAF and Li-nea buses, Tramvia and second-class local trains only within city railway stations. Kingdom of Odoacer 476–493 Historically, the locals have had a love-hate relationship with the Arno – which alternated between nourishing the city with commerce, and destroying it by flood. Petrarch was an all-rounder writer, author and poet, but was particularly known for his Canzoniere, or the Book of Songs, where he conveyed his unremitting love for Laura. The dome of Santa Maria del Fiore remains the largest brick construction of its kind in the world. Two superb collections of sculpture are in the Bargello and the Museum of the Works of the Duomo. In all Tuscany, only the Republic of Lucca (later a Duchy) and the Principality of Piombino were independent from Florence. [48] The largest immigrant group came from other European countries (mostly Romanians and Albanians): 3.52%, East Asia (mostly Chinese and Filipino): 2.17%, the Americas: 1.41%, and North Africa (mostly Moroccan): 0.9%. Italy guide - travel tips and inspiration. The Florence Airport, Peretola, is one of two main airports in the Tuscany region though it is not widely used by popular airlines. [8] From 1865 to 1871 the city served as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy (established in 1861). Following Lorenzo de' Medici's death in 1492, he was succeeded by his son Piero II. Thanks especially to the works of the Tuscans Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, Florentine dialect, above all the local dialects, was adopted as the basis for a national literary language.[15]. [63], Tourism brings revenue to Florence, but also creates certain problems. The Odeon Cinema of the Palazzo dello Strozzino is one of the oldest cinemas in the city. [24] Cosimo de' Medici was the first Medici family member to essentially control the city from behind the scenes. [73] The Renaissance marked the rebirth of classical values in art and society as people studied the ancient masters of the Greco-Roman world;[72] Art became focused on realism as opposed to idealism. The exterior of the church was reworked in Romanesque style between 1059 and 1128. At the end of World War II in May 1945, the US Army's Information and Educational Branch was ordered to establish an overseas university campus for demobilised American service men and women in Florence, Italy. Découvrez Florence en photos sur Republic of Florence 1115–1532 In November 1966, the Arno flooded parts of the centre, damaging many art treasures. After their suppression, Florence came under the sway (1382–1434) of the Albizzi family, who became bitter rivals of the Medici. Lorenzo was an accomplished poet and musician and brought composers and singers to Florence, including Alexander Agricola, Johannes Ghiselin, and Heinrich Isaac. They are filled with the creations of Donatello, Verrochio, Desiderio da Settignano, Michelangelo and others. It is the first example in the western world of a bridge built using segmental arches, that is, arches less than a semicircle, to reduce both span-to-rise ratio and the numbers of pillars to allow lesser encumbrance in the riverbed (being in this much more successful than the Roman Alconétar Bridge). Adjoining the palace are the Boboli Gardens, elaborately landscaped and with numerous sculptures. In association football Florence is represented by ACF Fiorentina, which plays in Serie A, the top league of Italian league system. Starting from the late Middle Ages, Florentine money—in the form of the gold florin—financed the development of industry all over Europe, from Britain to Bruges, to Lyon and Hungary. Eastern Roman Empire 553–568 Florence was the prefecture of the French département of Arno from 1808 to the fall of Napoleon in 1814. This period also saw the eclipse of Florence's formerly powerful rival Pisa (defeated by Genoa in 1284 and subjugated by Florence in 1406), and the exercise of power by the mercantile elite following an anti-aristocratic movement, led by Giano della Bella, that resulted in a set of laws called the Ordinances of Justice (1293).[20]. Although the original bridge was constructed by the Etruscans, the current bridge was rebuilt in the 14th century. [103] Residents of one section, therefore, will only be able to drive in their district and perhaps some surrounding ones. First French Empire 1807–1815 These made the Florentines rebel, and they expelled Piero II. The main bus station is next to Santa Maria Novella railway station. Florence has appeared as a location in video games such as Assassins Creed II. Florence Airport has a single runway, and the main taxiway is situated at the end of Runway 5, with an overshoot/holding area at the end of Runway 23. During 2015, permanent employment contracts increased by 48.8 percent, boosted by nationwide tax break. But when Savonarola publicly accused Pope Alexander VI of corruption, he was banned from speaking in public. Show Prices. The Vasari Corridor is another gallery, built connecting the Palazzo Vecchio with the Pitti Palace passing by the Uffizi and over the Ponte Vecchio. [37] In 1982, the historic centre of Florence (Italian: centro storico di Firenze) was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. [21] The Black Death of 1348 reduced it by over half,[22][23] about 25,000 are said to have been supported by the city's wool industry: in 1345 Florence was the scene of an attempted strike by wool combers (ciompi), who in 1378 rose up in a brief revolt against oligarchic rule in the Revolt of the Ciompi. Florence was a centre of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of that era. The Piazza della Repubblica is a square in the city centre, location of the cultural cafés and bourgeois palaces. [60] The city's convention centre facilities were restructured during the 1990s and host exhibitions, conferences, meetings, social forums, concerts and other events all year. Since 2017 Florence is also represented in Eccellenza, the top tier of rugby union league system in Italy, by I Medicei, which is a club established in 2015 by the merging of the senior squads of I Cavalieri (of Prato) and Firenze Rugby 1931. Grand Duchy of Tuscany 1569–1801 Hotel in Florence Historic Center, Florence. Elle réunit elle seule 25 % des œuvres du patrimoine artistique italien ! Although its vocabulary and pronunciation are largely identical to standard Italian, differences do exist. Established from 1920 to 1922[42] in a wing of the Palazzo dello Strozzino, it used to be called the Cinema Teatro Savoia (Savoy Cinema-Theatre), yet was later called Odeon. 16th century Florence is the setting of the Japanese manga and anime series Arte. Kelvets. Florence has large numbers of art-filled churches, such as San Miniato al Monte, San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Trinita, Santa Maria del Carmine, Santa Croce, Santo Spirito, the Annunziata, Ognissanti and numerous others.[10]. [97] Florence is regarded by some as the birthplace and earliest centre of the modern (post World War Two) fashion industry in Italy. Restaurant. Such include the Via Camillo Cavour, one of the main roads of the northern area of the historic centre; the Via Ghibellina, one of central Florence's longest streets; the Via dei Calzaiuoli, one of the most central streets of the historic centre which links Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Signoria, winding parallel to via Roma and Piazza della Repubblica; the Via de' Tornabuoni, a luxurious street in the city centre that goes from Antinori square to ponte Santa Trinita, across Piazza Santa Trinita, characterised by the presence of fashion boutiques; the Viali di Circonvallazione, 6-lane boulevards surrounding the northern part of the historic centre; as well as others, such as Via Roma, Via degli Speziali, Via de' Cerretani, and the Viale dei Colli. World Heritage Florence - Piazza della Signoria Wonderful view of Palazzo Vecchio, the Fountain of Neptune and the statue of Cosimo I. The genre of the Madrigal, born in Italy, gained popularity in Britain and elsewhere. In other words, Machiavelli was a political thinker, perhaps most renowned for his political handbook, titled The Prince, which is about ruling and the exercise of power. Easy booking tool. As is common at smaller airports, after landing, planes turn around at the end of the runway, then taxi back down to reach the parking area and terminal. [98] Florence has served as the home of the Italian fashion company Salvatore Ferragamo since 1928. Since then the bridges have been restored to their original forms using as many of the remaining materials as possible, but the buildings surrounding the Ponte Vecchio have been rebuilt in a style combining the old with modern design. He was convicted as a heretic and burned at the stake on the Piazza della Signoria on 23 May 1498. [10] Nevertheless, the majority of the city was built during the Renaissance. A new high-speed rail station is under construction and is contracted to be operational by 2015. World Heritage Florence - Ponte Vecchio Wonderful view in live streaming of Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in the world. The Florentines, tired of his extreme teachings, turned against him and arrested him. ACF Fiorentina has won two Italian Championships, in 1956 and 1969, and 6 Italian cups,[101] since their formation in 1926. The population began to grow again and commerce prospered. Florentines were one of the driving forces behind the Age of Discovery. Florence, facts and travel tips. 2019 Feefo Service Award. He praised the exile of the Medici as the work of God, punishing them for their decadence. Artists associated with Florence range from Arnolfo di Cambio and Cimabue to Giotto, Nanni di Banco, and Paolo Uccello; through Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Donatello and Massaccio and the della Robbia family; through Fra Angelico and Botticelli and Piero della Francesca, and on to Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

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